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The Future of Project Management Technology

Rapid technology improvement ensures increased efficiency and higher productivity in every business whether it is small or large. Here we will see how technology is scaling our business and project management in an altered way and what the future plans are. So let’s move; Basically, project management is an applied science that doesn’t have any dimension. But yes, it has a dimension that is carried by factors of computational and…

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Data science and machine learning applications for business success

In the last years technologies such as data science, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics have become increasingly popular. The academic field behind these technologies is called machine learning. The core idea is that the computer (the machine) learns autonomously from data and generates business insights and leads to data-driven decision making. In this article we will discuss where and how these techniques are applied successfully in industry. Advertising, Sales & Customer Experience…

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Is There a More Efficient Way to Generate Clean Energy with Concentrating Solar Power?

Ever used a magnifying glass to focus sunlight on your hand? Increase that heat a million-fold and you understand the concept of a solar thermal plant: a giant field of mirrors, focusing sunlight on a black metal chamber filled with water, air or other heat-carrying fluids. The concentrated sunlight is absorbed by the chamber walls and then conducted through the fluid, making it extremely hot. This concept can serve many purposes,…